Discover the Benefits of Enterprise Licensing 

Ensure your organization has the most flexible, best value NVivo license.  

Enterprise Licenses are Cost Effective and Flexible 

An Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) is the most cost effective and flexible way to license NVivo for 10 or more users at your organization. 

Best Value Licenses For Organizations 

  • Volume pricing results in a lower upfront cost per user 
  • Lock in pricing for the term of the agreement to improve budget planning 
  • Ensure your users always have access to the latest version of our software with all version upgrades included in your agreement at no additional cost  
  • Purchase through a single transaction, reducing admin and procurement expenses  

Flexible License Deployment and Management  

  • Choose from a 12 or 36-month license term 
  • A choice of deployment methods to meet the unique requirements of your organization 
  • Add users at any time 
  • Easy to add NVivo modules like, NVivo Transcription, NVivo Collaboration Cloud and NVivo Collaboration Server 
  • Streamline license management with a single organization-wide agreement  
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