View the most frequently asked questions and answers about the NVivo Virtual Conference 2020. 

A virtual conference is hosted on the Internet which means that participants can attend from the comfort of their computers wherever they are in the world. Similar to a physical conference, there are keynote speakers, paper, panel and poster sessions, as well as sponsor booths. You will be able to ask questions and interact with speakers, sponsors and attendees.
Anyone interested in qualitative or mixed methods research, plus NVivo. Attendees do not have to be NVivo users to participate.
Once the virtual conference platform is ready, attendees will be able to register through the platform. Our goal is to have this operational in June.
Papers will be assigned a live slot of 30 minutes (20 minute presentations, 10 minute questions) in the program.  You will need to pre-record your presentation. We can help you do that. We must have your completed videos, 7 days before the start date of the conference.  It will be uploaded into the appropriate ‘room’ for your session and after it plays, you will be able to answer questions in real-time in the chat.  After the live presentation, the video will go in an on-demand section of the platform where registrants can view it up to 90 days after the conference. 
You will need a computer, laptop, or tablet and a good Internet connection.  You will use the chat to talk live with a presenter, sponser, or attendee. 
Yes, you can ask questions after each presentation in the chat.
All sessions will be put in an On-Demand area of the virtual conference website which you will be able to access up to 90 days after the conference. So it is better than a physical conference where you would have to choose between simultaneous sessions.
Yes, you will be able to download PowerPoints and any handouts after the presentation.
There will be short recordings on key aspects of NVivo in an NVivo booth.
You will have a special booth where you can either display an image of your poster with a written description or you can create a video (5 minute maximum) where you explain your poster. We can help you create your video. We must have your completed videos, 7 days before the start date of the conference.  There will be timed sessions where you can chat live with any attendees. During other times, attendees can post a question on a chat which you can answer later.
The fee to register will be $99 USD. The fee includes access to all conference presentations up to 90 days after the conference.