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Announcing The Winner Of The QSR-IIQM Research Grant For Early Career Researchers

Written by Silvana di Gregorio
March 18, 2020

We are excited to announce the first ever recipient of the QSR-IIQM Research Grant for Early Career Researchers, Dr. Nicole Corley, an Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work at Virginia Commonwealth University.

The grant was established to support innovation in research methodologies and the work of early career researchers.  We are pleased to be supporting a project that shows promise and contribution to knowledge. The grant will allow for US$25,000 in funding over two years.

The title of Dr. Corley’s research proposal is “Ain't I a Mother?: Using Collage as Method to Explore Black Motherhood.” The $25,000 grant will support Dr. Corley’s project over two years.  Everyone at QSR and IIQM extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Corley.  We will hear more about Dr. Corley and her research in forthcoming blog posts and podcasts.

Big congratulations go out to Dr. Nicole Corley

The competition for the grant was highly competitive. There were 282 applicants from 21 countries. Just over a third were from the United States, and a third were from Australia. 

Applicants came from a wide range of disciplines. The majority came from Health-related disciplines (30%), followed by Education (12%), Management and Business (9%), Sociology (5%) and Psychology (4%). There were applications from law, social work, environmental studies, and library and information studies, among others.  Applications were assessed by external academics and those who scored 95 or more out of 100 (10 applicants) were included as finalists. 

The final winner was chosen by the QSR-IIQM grant committee based on how innovative the project was. To provide even more support to innovative leaders in qualitative research, we are offering those applicants ranked in the top ten a complimentary copy of the new NVivo. 



Silvana di Gregorio

Silvana is a sociologist and a methodologist specializing in qualitative data analysis. She writes and consults on social science qualitative data analysis research, particularly in the use of software to support the analysis. She is also QSR International's Director of Research.



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