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The New NVivo Sample Projects

Written by Silvana di Gregorio, PhD
May 13, 2020

QSR has long been committed to making NVivo intuitive and easy to learn.  The newest version of NVivo, released March 2020, includes five sample projects which illustrate how NVivo can be used with different types of data and approaches to analysis.  Two of the projects are available when you install NVivo and the other three are available for download

>> Explore the new sample projects with a 14-day trial of NVivo 


The Two Installed Sample Projects

Multi-method Sample Project (Environmental Change Down East)

This is a multi-method sample project which explores community perspectives on change in a coastal area due to development. It shows how NVivo can support a range of data collection methods in one project – interviews, a survey, images, video, news articles, literature, and social media. You can explore how the project is structured – with cases for both people and places with their corresponding attributes for their characteristics. It is also an example of team collaboration. Read the team members’ memos to see how they worked together and run the saved coding comparison query to check differences in their coding.


Automated Insights

This project is an anonymized public consultation on budget priorities in a UK council. It demonstrates the automation capabilities of NVivo. No manual coding was done to complete the analysis. There are two memos you should read – one reporting the answers to the closed-ended questions with charts produced by NVivo. The other memo analyzes the open-ended questions with results of queries and an explanation of how the coding was explored to extract the key themes with quotes.


The New Sample Projects

Literature Review

This project is the beginning of a literature review on the use of Virtual Reality in Healthcare.  As we were limited to only literature published under creative commons, it is a partial review but shows how NVivo can be set up to do literature reviews. Included are instructions to help you navigate the project with suggestions on how to conduct a literature review in NVivo. View the map on the Literature Review Strategy that gives you a quick overview of the project.

Mixed Methods

This mixed methods project is part of an evaluation study of the Wellness Centres run by the Older Women’s Network (OWN) in Australia. It was conducted by Pat Bazeley, the former President of the Mixed Methods International Research Association. The data is drawn from a wide range of sources – a group discussion, interviews, literature and website materials, responses from two evaluation surveys, videos and cultural domain (free listing) data. It shows how diverse data can be used in a complementary way to generate an integrated report.


This project is a survey of high school alumnae about their experiences at a renowned girls’ school.  The project shows how you can analyze a survey with open and closed ended questions from start to final report in NVivo.  If you are new to NVivo, this is a good introductory project to explore as there is only one survey and the process from start to finish has been documented in memos. The final report, which is included in the project, was written entirely in NVivo complete with visualizations.

Explore all the sample projects to see the flexibility and range of options available to you with NVivo. From data collection to coding, NVivo offers support throughout the research process.



Silvana di Gregorio

Silvana is a sociologist and a methodologist specializing in qualitative data analysis. She writes and consults on social science qualitative data analysis research, particularly in the use of software to support the analysis. She is also QSR International's Director of Research.


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