Evolving Research in Qualitative and Mixed Methods

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Learn from leading qualitative and mixed methods researchers.

This webinar series showcases the evolving research methods used with qualitative and mixed methods research. Join leading researchers to learn about their theoretical frameworks and practical suggestions in conducting rigorous qualitative and mixed methods research.
Narrative Portraits in Qualitative Research

December 8, 2022 - 12 PM EST |
Presented by:
Dr Edgar Rodríguez-Dorans, University of Salford

Narrative Portraits in Qualitative Research offers an analytical approach to qualitative data, inviting a close-up into a person’s narrated and embodied experience and arguing that one of the main research findings in qualitative research is the person themselves; their circumstances, and their life story. This webinar introduces four approaches to narrative portraiture: (1) a systematic approach to narrative analysis, (2) the use of phronesis in narrative portraiture, (3) the concept of ‘imagined portraits’ as a collaborative approach between visual arts and social sciences, and (4) the use of ‘performative portraits’ both as an analytic tool and product for research communication. This event will be suitable for those interested in narrative methods and qualitative research in health care, education, and the social sciences.