Scholarly Writing  Free Webinar Series

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These webinars are designed to help all scholarly writers, from students to published authors, enhance skills through the entire writing process. Register now to learn from this great line up of writing experts.  
Publish and Persevere: Writing and Representing Qualitative Research 

November 10, 2021  -  12 PM EST | 5 PM GMT
Completing a Service-Oriented Dissertation or Thesis: Key Considerations for Success 
December 1, 2021  -  ​12 PM EST | 5 PM GMT
Join this webinar to learn top tips for writing and publishing qualitative research and promoting research through educational media.
Join this webinar that will focus on three questions to consider when conducting a service-oriented dissertation or thesis: What is a service-oriented dissertation or thesis? How do I work productively with my committee? How do I communicate and present my work to meet university requirements?
Tips for Writing an Academic Textbook
February 1, 2022 - 12 PM EST | 5 PM GMT
Psychological Tools for Writing Productivity
February 24, 2022 - 12 PM EST | 5 PM GMT
This webinar takes a look at some practical issues related to book writing in academia, including about (1) leveraging the long-term benefits of doing it, (2) shaping an idea for a book, (3) pitching a book to a publisher, and (4) laying the groundwork to write a book. It dispels some myths about skills required for book writing, including that it requires exceptional writing skills, while underscoring the skills and commitment it does require.
In this webinar, we explore cognitive, emotional and behavioral tools that scholars can use to increase their productivity without increasing the amount of time they spend writing. This webinar is designed scholars throughout their academic careers, from doctoral students to full professors. Skills taught include developing health sustainable writing sessions, use of rituals and habits, self-talk and short meditation sessions.