Scholarly Writing Institute: On-Demand

NVivo and Citavi have partnered with Dissertation by Design to present on-demand the virtual Scholarly Writing Institute. Dissertation by Design is an organization that works with all scholarly writers, including students, academics and research professionals. By watching these sessions, you can enhance your writing skills and learn more about digital tools, like NVivo and Citavi, that can assist with the writing and publishing process. 
Developing your Scholarly Voice: How to Paraphrase, Make Claims, and Synthesize the Literature
As a scholar, you have the opportunity to make unique contributions to the discourse around topics that matter to you. To do so, you need to grow your scholarly voice. In this interactive webinar, dissertation coach Dr. Desi Richter teaches you how to write in ways that help your voice be heard. Learn how to make claims that are backed by evidence. Discover the power of paraphrasing, and finally, learn how to synthesize (not just summarize) literature that you review. Desi will both model and provide opportunities to practice these three scholarly writing skills. For the digital tools’ demo, see how Citavi helps you synthesize the literature and how NVivo can assist you in making evidence based claims. PDF Handout Here.
Write, Revise, Rinse and Repeat:
The Art of Self-Revising
This webinar focuses on the art of scholarly revision. Revision is a normal part of the scholarly writing process. As scholarly writers, we can learn to step back and “re-see” our writing. In this highly practical webinar, Dr. Jessica Parker teaches research writers how to approach revision in ways that make the process less daunting and more doable. Learn how to move from draft to polished product using Dr. Parker’s revision process. For the digital tools’ demonstration, we will show how Citavi organizes your draft with the revision process and how NVivo helps your organize your categories for your draft. PDF Handout Here.

Best Practices for Managing a Team of Researchers

Managing a team of researchers requires a particular set of skills. In this webinar panel, experienced researchers tackle the most pressing aspects of managing an effective research team. Drs. Jessica Parker, Lydia Manning, and Veronica Richard, dialogue and instruct researchers on how to build a research team, establish authorship roles and responsibilities, develop communication standards, and more. Whether you are new to the role or have been managing research teams for years, this expert panel will help you hone your management skills and successfully lead a research team. For the digital tools’ demonstration, we will show how Citavi organizes team tasks when collaborating with secondary sources and how NVivo Collaboration Cloud supports the sharing and merging of projects to compare team coding for inter-rater reliability. Plus, learn how to write together in a shared Word document that includes NVivo’s analysis with Citavi’s outlines and notes. PDF Handout Here.
From Analysis to Writing:
How to Begin Writing your Research Findings
Join research methodologist Dr. Veronica Richard as she shares important tips for working with qualitative data. Veronica will help you understand important steps in qualitative data analysis so you can write about your findings in cogent ways. Planning for writing early in the data analysis process will help you stay organized and convey your findings with clarity. This highly instructive webinar helps you create and implement a plan for your qualitative data analysis and write up. For the digital tools’ demonstration, we will show how Citavi organizes your writing tasks and outline and how NVivo supports coding and the analysis of your data to write your findings in a Word document. PDF Handout Here.