Ben Meehan, MBA, PhD


Location training services:
Ireland and Europe

Certified for:
NVivo (March 2020 release) NVivo 9 - 12 for Windows & Mac
NVivo for Teams 

About Ben:

Ben Meehan has been a full time professional NVivo trainer and consultant for the past 17 years. His company QDA Training has a client list that reflects his level of experience in this domain.


His publications include:

  • Leitch, J., Oktay, J., & Meehan, B. (2015). A dual instructional model for computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software integrating faculty member and specialized instructor: Implementation, reflections, and recommendations. Qualitative Social Work, 15(3), 392–406.
  • Houghton, C., Murphy, K., Meehan, B., Thomas, J., Brooker, D., & Casey, D. (2016). From screening to synthesis: using NVivo to enhance transparency in Qualitative Evidence Synthesis. Journal of Clinical Nursing, n/a-n/a. 
  • Casey, D., O’Hara, M. C., Meehan, B., Byrne, M., Dinneen, S. F., & Murphy, K. (2014). A Mixed Methods Study Exploring the Factors and Behaviors That Affect Glycemic Control Following a Structured Education Program. Journal of Mixed Methods Research, 10(2), 182–203.