Clare Tagg


Location training services can be provided:
UK, Europe and Online

Certified for:

  • NVivo 9, 10, 11 and 12 for Windows
  • NVivo for Mac
  • NVivo for Teams

About Clare:

Clare has been providing workshops, advice and support for qualitative researchers using NVivo for over 15 years.  She specializes in designing training that meets the specific needs of the researcher, their research topic and methodology.  Working with groups or individuals, she aims to help each researcher to get the most out of NVivo; sometimes this involves helping with data preparation, coding or analysis as well as training. Training on the use of NVivo is usually in the context of qualitative methodology; ongoing email support is always included.

Clare completed her PhD in 2001 on Software Development as a Human Activity. This was a qualitative longitudinal study of organisations building large software systems.  In recognition of the multiple realities in software development, a constructivist-based research paradigm was adopted with data collected from conversations with stakeholders and document collection.  A variety of software packages (including an early version of NVivo) were used to assist with data analysis and presentation.

Clare’s clients include academic institutions, charities, government bodies and research organisations, as well as individual students.  Their studies have included everything from historical analysis to public sector evaluations and everything in between.