Dr Anuja Cabraal


Location training services can be provided in:
Australia, New Zealand, APAC and Online

Certified for:
NVivo 10 - 12 Windows & Mac

About Dr Cabraal:

Dr Cabraal is an experienced qualitative researcher and NVivo trainer. She has almost 20 years of research experience in the academic, government, not-for-profit and commercial sectors.

Dr Cabraal first started as an academic in 2004 and has been a qualified NVivo trainer since 2010. She has expertise in research methodology, having taught this at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, and brings this proficiency into her training.

Dr Cabraal provides NVivo training for individuals, teams, university staff and students, and businesses through workshops, consultancies and coaching. Programs can be designed to address the needs and requirements of all researchers, be they in academia, government, not-for-profit or commercial sectors. She provides bespoke training, tailored to meet the needs and requirements of clients.

Here are some of the things people have had to say:

Inger Mewburn (Aka Thesis Whisperer), Research Educator: Anuja is my ‘go to’ person for qualitative analysis. Although a lot of people seek out her expertise on NVivo (which is extensive) her true strength is understanding research methods and how researchers can use technology to achieve what they need to do. I heartily endorse Anuja for the guidance she has generously provided me to set up and run my own NVivo work.

Jonathan O’Donnell, Senior Research Initiative Coordinator – Faculty of Science at University of Melbourne: Anuja is amazing. She has a passion for research methods and she is a whizz with NVivo. She brings her passion and her intensity to everything she does.

Merle Singer, Culture Shifter, People Developer, Passionate Facilitator and Coach: Anuja is amazing… yes she is smart, yes she is talented, yes she is uber-skilled… but what sets Anuja apart is her exceptional demeanour – she is kind, she is gentle, she is clear, she is totally focused on supporting and aiding you. I am not an academic nor a sage and doing research whilst someone compassionately holds your hand and provides input, direction and practical improvements is a magnificent experience. I would work with Anuja in a heartbeat.