Elif Kus Saillard PhD

Turkish, English, French

Location training services can be provided:
Europe and Online

Certified for:

  • NVivo 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 for Windows
  • NVivo for Mac

About Elif:

Elif Kus Saillard is a sociologist and methodologist who taught in several Universities and is the founder of the qualitative research center (NAM) in Turkey.

Elif's Computer-Assisted Qualitative Data-Analysis Software (CAQDAS) journey started with her Ph.D. study (2001-2006). She studied CAQDAS as a subject in itself. The goal of her thesis was to discover the potential contributions of software to qualitative analysis. She tested how the software (NVivo2) works with different types of qualitative data (open-ended survey and unstructured text). Since the beginning of 2007, she has offered CAQDAS training and consultancy to social researchers from various fields. Over the years, she has
met with thousands of researchers in her training.

As a leading expert in this field in Turkey, she has several influential publications in Turkish, as well as international articles. Her full resume available upon request.