Fiona Wiltshier, MA (Hons), MSc


Location training services:
Australasia, Europe, UK, Middle East & Africa

Certified for:
NVivo Certification Assessor
NVivo (March 2020 release); NVivo 9 - 12 for Windows & Mac
NVivo for Teams

About Fiona:

An experienced qualitative researcher and NVivo trainer, Fiona has worked on qualitative research projects in academic, government and commercial contexts. She has taught thousands of researchers to use NVivo in over 20 countries around the world ranging from Macau and Japan to Ethiopia and Abu Dhabi, as well as throughout Australia and the UK.

Fiona worked for QSR International for almost ten years, firstly in Australia as their Research Consultant where she co-founded the Training and Research Consultancy area for QSR worldwide, before moving to Europe as the Training and Research Consultancy Regional Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

In her role as trainer Fiona utilises both her background as a qualitative researcher and her extensive worldwide experience as a trainer of NVivo to offer expert training through a range of options, including both structured and customised group workshops, as well as more personalised consultancy and ongoing coaching. Through these she works alongside researchers to help them develop both their software skills and research projects using NVivo software. She customises the content depending on both the project and context, focusing on using her knowledge and skills to best help researchers get to know how to use qualitative software for their particular research projects, whether they are working in academic, government or commercial contexts.