Jennifer Patashnick


Location training services can be provided:
USA (Boston and greater USA)

Certified for:
NVivo 9, 10, 11 and 12 for Windows

About Jen:

I have been working with NVivo since 1999, and providing training and consultation with a variety of qualitative software packages since 2002. My personal research interests center on medicine and participant-generated visual illness narratives with a focus on audiovisual analysis, but I enjoy working with researchers on projects from different disciplines and methodologies. I have experience working with researchers at all levels, from students through executives in a range of specialities, and I enjoy learning from them as well as facilitating their use of software to manage and organize projects. My trainings focus on all stages of research, from planning and data collection through analysis, querying, and writing. A pet peeve of mine is when someone says that their project is too small to be “worth it” to use software: any study worth doing is worth doing well and using software like NVivo allows you to demonstrate the quality of your work. As such, I particularly love witnessing those “light bulb moments” when a client suddenly realizes the potential of a particular software feature to further their work.

I conduct group and individual trainings for beginners through advanced users, and provide project consultation as a single event and/or on an ongoing basis depending on client need. I also serve as an additional coder to increase reliability and can contribute to final presentations and results publications. I am happy to meet in-person (my preference), by phone, or via Skype (or other web- based meeting platform). After an initial meeting, I can provide continuing support via email in many cases. Education sector rates available.

Her publications include:

  • Christina Silver and Jennifer Patashnick (2011) “Finding Fidelity: Advancing Audiovisual Analysis using Software” FQS 12(1), Thematic Issue: Is Qualitative Software Really Comparable?
  • Jennifer L Patashnick and Michael Rich (2005) “Researching human experience: Video Intervention/Prevention Assessment (VIA)” Australasian Journal of Information Systems 12(2) 103- 111.
  • Rich, Michael; Polvinen, Julie; Patashnick, Jennifer L. (2005) “Visual narratives of the pediatric illness experience: Children communicating with clinicians through video” Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America 14(3) 571-587.
  • Michael Rich and Jennifer Patashnick (2002) “Narrative research with audiovisual data: Video Intervention/Prevention Assessment (VIA) and NVivo” International Journal of Social Research Methodology 5(3) 245-261.