NVivo Focused Learning: Queries

Total commitment:  8-10 hours
Support:  Trainer-facilitated forum
Course access:  4 weeks from log-in
Format:  Online, self-paced learning via videos, screenshots and examples
Recognition: Certificate of Completion
Version: NVivo (March 2020 release) Windows
Prerequisites: Basic understanding of coding elements as covered in NVivo Core Skills course.
Queries help you to explore your data and investigate hunches, and then use visualisations to report.
Create quick and simple queries to get a sense of what is happening in the data, or build detailed queries for a more focused perspective. This course builds on the NVivo Core Skills' introduction to queries and helps you gain a deeper understanding of how to use queries and visualizations to further explore your data.

Learning Outcomes:
  1. Set up and tailor queries to answer your analysis questions 
  2. Use combinations of queries to deepen your understanding of the data 
  3. Save, export and interpret query results 
  4. Export visualizations to inform reports 
  5. Apply queries to your work by reviewing the examples included with each lesson
Please note:
This course is designed for people using the latest version of NVivo, released March 2020. To effectively participate in this training you will need access to the latest version of the NVivo software. A 14-day free trial of the latest release of NVivo is available. >>Free Trial