Steps 1 & 2:
Download and Activate NVivo

Follow these instructions to download and activate the latest version of NVivo (released March 2020). If you need to download a previous version of NVivo, NVivo 12 and older, go to the older version downloads.
Step 1: Downloading NVivo
  • Check system requirements: Before you download NVivo, check the system requirements for Windows and Mac.
  • Deactivate previous version: If you’re upgrading from an older version, NVivo 12 and older, we recommend deactivating the previous version before downloading a new one - Windows and Mac.
    • Student licenses: If you're transitioning from an NVivo 12 student license to the latest version of NVivo, please refer to these specific activation instructions.
  • Understand Compatibility: NVivo project files are NOT backward compatible. ​Ensure you understand the compatibility limitations if​ you plan to work with others using previous versions of NVivo. Go to Windows and Mac.  
  • Download NVivo: To download NVivo, log into your myNVivo portal and download from the ‘Downloads’ page (top menu).
Step 2: Activating NVivo
If you need to:  
  • Activate a new installation 
  • Transition a trial license to a paid license
  • Reactivate NVivo to use a new license, for example, if you need to switch from your personal license to your university’s license  
Go to: How to Activate NVivo. 

After downloading and installing NVivo, activate your license by entering your myNVivo credentials when prompted the first time you open the software.