Before You Start:
Your myNVivo Account

The myNVivo portal is a central destination that makes buying and managing NVivo products and services easy. 

You need a myNVivo account to work with the latest release of NVivo (an account isn’t required for NVivo 12 version and earlier).​
Use your myNVivo account to:
  • Trial or purchase NVivo​
  • Activate, download and log-in to NVivo​
  • Trial or purchase NVivo Transcription or Collaboration Cloud​
  • View invoices​
  • Manage users for multi-license purchases
  • Access NVivo Academy training courses

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using the previous version of NVivo, i.e., NVivo 12, you will need a myNVivo account to access NVivo Transcription online. See how to transcribe through NVivo 12.

Personal Profile
To create your myNVivo account you first set up a personal profile. This consists of a username ― your email address ― and password. Use these to log into the myNVivo portal, NVivo, and any modules you have access to from your personal account (or accounts shared with you by others).  ​

See myNVivo for more information.
Do I have a myNVivo account? 
You already have a myNVivo account if you fit any of the following:​
  • You are using the latest version of NVivo (released March 2020) – including trial software (you may be an exception if you use NVivo on a computer set up by your institution)​
  • You have enrolled in an NVivo Academy training course​
  • You have bought or been granted access to NVivo Transcription or Collaboration Cloud​
If you are using NVivo 12 or earlier you do not automatically have a myNVivo account.