NVivo Onsite Workshops

Windows & Mac

Designed for:  academic, commercial or government research teams with a preference for face-to-face learning
Total commitment:  1 or 2 day workshops
Coach:  Certified NVivo Trainer
Format:  face-to-face, on your premises
Recognition:  Certificate of Completion


Conducted by a Certified Trainer in your region, face-to-face workshops can either be customized to meet your specific learning needs, or a two-day set workshop covering both the core elements and advanced techniques of NVivo. Ideally, roles and responsibilities are aligned to gain the most from your workshop.

Learning blocks are planned in half-day increments, and a 10-minute pre-workshop call is recommended with the trainer to establish your goals to get the best out of each day.

Education and Non-Education pricing applies per day up to a maximum of 15 participants per Onsite Workshop.  Simply click on “Contact us” and our Learning Team will quickly connect with you to confirm your needs to match you with the right Certified Trainer.