IT Administration

If you're responsible for licensing, installing, or updating QSR software for your organization - then all the resources you need can be found here.

Technical Information for the Latest Version of NVivo
Please see below for information about installing the latest version of NVivo (released March 2020) onto your organization's network.

NVivo - Windows
NVivo - Mac

Supplementary add-ons for NVivo
NVivo Collaboration Server

Technical Information for Older Versions of NVivo

If you're installing an older version of NVivo, you can find further information below. The first two numbers in your license key will determine the version of NVivo to install.

NVivo 12 for Windows
NVivo 12 for Mac

NVivo 11 for Windows
NVivo 11 for Mac

NVivo 10 for Windows
NVivo 10 for Mac

NVivo Server 11 (release 2)
NVivo Server 10