Download QSR Software

Download software updates and full version software here.

If you are an existing QSR software user, and you purchase a new computer or rebuild your existing computer, you will need to reinstall the full version of our software. We recommend that you install the most up to date versions, which can be accessed via the appropriate links below.

The use of this software is covered under your existing license agreement. Where applicable you will need to use your current license key to install the software.

Download NCapture and other NVivo add-ons

To check if these add-ons are already installed please follow these instructions. If necessary, you can install or update them manually by following the instructions below.

NCapture for Chrome

This add-on can be used with all versions of NVivo Pro and Plus (Windows) from version 10, and (with some limitations —check here) NVivo 10.1 Mac and later. It can be installed as part of the NVivo (Windows) installation, or get it from the Chrome Store. The following free add-ons can be installed as part of the NVivo (Windows) installation, or use the download links and instructions below.

NCapture for Internet Explorer (NVivo Pro and NVivo Plus)

NVivo Add-In for OneNote

Note: Once installed NCapture for Internet Explorer and NVivo Add-In for OneNote will automatically check for software updates and notify you when an update is available. You will be prompted to download and install the new version. NCapture for Chrome will update automatically within the browser.