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Ensure you are working with the most intuitive, powerful software for qualitative data analysis

It’s NVivo as you’ve never seen it before and those with existing NVivo 11 and NVivo 12 perpetual licenses* can upgrade at a very attractive price.

More than just a tool for organizing and managing data, the latest version of NVivo (released in March 2020), offers the most intuitive data analysis experience, helping you discover even more from your qualitative and mixed methods data. With the latest version of NVivo you can take advantage of streamlined software management using the new myNVivo customer portal. Say goodbye to license keys and hello to the power to more easily manage your NVivo experience. 

NVivo Like You've Never Seen it Before

The latest version of NVivo features a redesigned, contemporary interface, providing an evenmore intuitive NVivo experience.
  • Improved usability: Commands on the main tabs are optimized and many ribbon tabs are hidden until you need to work with them, giving you the tools you need, when you need them.
  • Streamlined coding: The coding panel enables faster coding of text documents, and you can easily see what you are looking for in your data with coded text highlighted in the same color as the coding stripe.
  • Easy to use menus: The Navigation Pane is simplified, grouping functions under three categories - Import, Organize and Explore.
  • Get started quickly: Let NVivo guide with a helpful tour of key features and functions, and useful explanations as you click on the items on the Navigation Pane.
Access the most intuitive software for qualitative data analysis.

Discover the Latest NVivo

"The interface overhaul is the most substantial change in this edition of NVivo.  It is fresher, cleaner and easier to use; taking up less room to give more screen space to data." 
Lee Fallin, Academic & Library Specialist
University of Hull, UK

Even More Coding Power

Better organize your coding with a palette that introduces more color options. Click a coding stripe and see text highlights of your coded work, in the same color of your coding stripe. You also have the option of viewing the names of the stripes either horizontally or vertically. 

Coding text has never been easier with a code panel that is integrated to the right of your document, so you can easily see your codes and code within one window. You can even unlock that window with the code panel on, so you have maximum space to work with your text and codes.
Coding on Windows
Coding on Mac
Access the most intuitive software for qualitative data analysis.

"Many of us spend a significant amount of time sifting through and coding out data. A few tweaks in the way we handle and view files while we are coding in NVivo have made a big difference in this version." 
Kristi Jackson - NVivo Expert and Certified Trainer

One Powerful Platform

The latest version of NVivo includes all our advanced research functionality as standard, with sophisticated autocoding and social network analysis tools accessabile all within the one platform.
  • Your virtual research assistant: Train NVivo how to code your data using pattern based autocoding which has been updated to provide greater transparency and give you more control over the results.
  • View themes and sentiment in a snap: Continue to harness the power of automated insights for themes and sentiment with NVivo - NVivo will automatically code, and then you can refine.
  • Discover and visualize networks: Social network analysis uncovers the links between people or other social entities. Sociograms can assist you in analyzing networks by displaying them as a diagram - helping you to visualize connections.

Access Innovative Research Technology

Take the power of the latest version of NVivo and extend it with annual subscriptions for NVivo Collaboration Cloud and NVivo Transcription add-on modules.
NVivo Collaboration Cloud
Use the power of the cloud to host NVivo projects, providing teams with a secure way to store data, master project files, and your team's analysis. NVivo Collaboration Cloud is an add-on module only available with the latest version of NVivo, and all users must be using the same operating system.

To start collaborating, the Workspace Owner uploads the master project to the secure collaboration workspace. Team members simply download the project and work on it offline, then when ready, upload to have their work merged to the master project. 
NVivo Transcription
Access unlimited automated transcription wtih the NVivo Transcription add-on module. Users of the latest version of NVivo benefits from a direct integration that allows users to see all their available transcriptions in NVivo Transcription directly from NVivo, to decide which files they want to use in their project. No more manual importing and exporting!

See the system requirements for Windows and Mac.

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Access the most intuitive software for qualitative data analysis.
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