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We've added even more features and functionality to NVivo 12, equipping you with more research power.


What's new in NVivo 12 (Windows)?

Improved accuracy in autocoding for NVivo 12 Plus users

Get better accuracy when autocoding based on existing coding patterns, with NVivo now taking into account the text you've chosen not to manually code.
NVivo 12 (Windows) is now multilingual
NVivo 12 (Windows) is now multilingual

Use NVivo in your preferred language:
  • English
  • Chinese (Simplified Chinese)
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
Open NVivo 12 and go to File > Options to select your preferred language.
Redesigned matrix coding query.
Redesigned matrix coding query

It's now easier to set-up and use matrix coding queries while getting the same great results.
Codebook exchange

Easily share codebook data where other teams may be using different software applications by importing and exporting codebooks in QDC format.


What's new in NVivo 12 Mac?

NVivo 12 Mac is now multilingual
NVivo 12 Mac is now multilingual

NVivo 12 Mac now features four interface languages, allowing you to use NVivo in your preferred language. You can choose between English, French, German and Spanish.

To change the interface language, open 'System Preferences' on your Mac and select 'Language & Region'. Once you've selected your preferred language, relaunch NVivo.
Autocode transcripts by speaker
Autocode transcripts by speaker

You can now autocode transcripts by speaker. Speed up the creation of cases without having to manually select speakers and code to a case.
Introducing concept maps
Introducing concept maps

Concept maps allow you to map out ideas or explore connections in your theories. Represent relationships between concepts to better structure your thinking.
More on-screen visibility
More on-screen visibility

When working in the Detail View, hide the ribbon, navigation view and list view to have more on-screen visibility, giving you more space to plan out ideas (especially useful if you're working on a laptop or a smaller screen).
Code more context within datasets

Explore and code more of the original context within dataset coding references using Coding Context and Spread Coding options. 

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