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by QSR

Supports robust qualitative and mixed methods research for virtually any data source and any research method.

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by QSR

Intuitive data analysis software designed for public policy experts analyzing surveys.

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Creating software to help you discover the rich insights from humanised data.

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Quickly identify expressions of sentiment in your content using NVivo

Want to get straight to the heart of what people like or dislike about your product, program or policy?

That’s where NVivo can help you automatically detect and code sentiment.

NVivo can help you identify and extract opinions, emotions and attitudes in your source materials, such as research, journal articles, text documents, open-ended survey responses, social media or web content. Quickly grasp the range of sentiment across your content by categorising over four streams: very positive, moderately positive, moderately negative or negative.

With just a few clicks you can organize your material by sentiment. Running queries will allow you to further explore opinions and sentiment, extracting coded text to be analysed through text frequency counts, text searches, automated themes and sub-theme extractions and data visualizations.

Want to find out more for yourself?  Download your free trial today.

By using NVivo you can:

  • Easily gather material based on positive and negative sentiment.
  • Compare sentiment across demographic groups.
  • Cross tabulate the positive and negative comments about specific themes.
  • Visualize or map out sentiment results.

Find out why NVivo is helping more than 1.5 million people in 150 countries
to organize, analyze and find insights in unstructured, textual data:


There’s various NVivo options available to suit you: whether you are working individually, in a team, on Windows or Mac, are new to research or have years of experience.

Don’t miss out valuable insights when analysing your content. Download your free trial today.


Introducing the new NVivo

Discover the new NVivo suite

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