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Supports robust qualitative and mixed methods research for virtually any data source and any research method.

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Intuitive data analysis software designed for public policy experts analyzing surveys.

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We’re excited to announce the release of NVivo 12.
Powerful research made easier.

NVivo 12 is highly intuitive and more customizable, so you can get on with exploring your data, not learning software.

With enhanced support for mixed-methods data, an easier-to-use interface and a redesigned experience, NVivo 12 helps you find more connections in your data than ever before.

More power for NVivo 12 Mac

Easier to learn and use

Get started on your analysis straight away with improved loading times for your project, and project items. Say goodbye to toe-tapping while you wait for your project to load.

Thanks to clearer links between the descriptive information about sources, people or places, classifications are now more intuitive to use and you can more easily see relationships in your data.

Share progress in a snap
Create a codebook to document your codes and their descriptions, ensuring coding consistency for you or your team. Then in just a few clicks export your codebook to share, allowing others to easily review your progress and structure.
See patterns and correlations in charts
Generate charts to visually present and explore a summary of your coding. Easily drill down into your data, format the chart and export to share findings. You can use charts to answer questions like, “Which files are most coded to Habitat?”
Code your way
Use new region coding to code your PDF based data. So, you can import scanned newspapers, scripts and other data and then code any part of the PDF, like charts, handwritten notes and tables or convert words in a scanned PDF into codable text. Then query your region and text coding and incorporate it into visualizations.
Enhanced support for mixed methods
Access new features and functionality that will help you easily cross tabulate data and visualize the results, and exchange data in SPSS formats.

Read on to learn more about mixed methods with NVivo 12.

Introducing NVivo 12 new features 

Easily cross tabulate your data

View coding distribution across a population by cross tabulating theme nodes against cases, like people or places, and attributes like age or occupation, so you can quickly quantify coding data for comparison


Quickly exchange data with SPSS

With NVivo 12 it’s easy to exchange data with SPSS. 

View your data through different lenses.

Easily visualize and understand cross tabulated data, and create a snapshot that can guide writing up findings.


Introducing a redesigned NVivo 12 for Windows navigation

It’s more intuitive so you can focus on your research, not learning software.

Take advantage of a redesigned ribbon

Easily explore your data with commonly used commands at the front of the ribbon, simplified default tabs and new contextual tabs that show options relevant to what you’re working on.

Customize your view for quick access
Take control and pin your frequently used folders and items in navigation view for quick access to what you need.
Find items faster
The Find bar is now easier to use and results are returned live while you type, so you can find things faster.
Cleaner look and feel, more intuitive language
The left hand side navigation view is now cleaner, offers you more control and uses common words like Files and Codes, instead terms like Sources and Nodes, helping new NVivo users get up and running faster.

Experience the new NVivo for yourself. Try the new NVivo for free for 14 days.

Like what you see? Get started with the new NVivo today.