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NVivo Transcription

Set yourself up for good quality audio and optimum accuracy

The better the quality of your audio file, the better the accuracy of your transcript. So we recommend using your free 15 minute trial to test your file for audio quality. The level of accuracy of your transcribed file is dependent upon a number of influencing factors, and here are some tips to help improve your transcription accuracy:

  • Limit the number of speakers, ask speakers to talk slower, clearly and one at a time – fast speakers reduce accuracy
  • Record on a high quality device with direct input eg. avoid video calls recorded on a mobile phone
  • Ensure your recording device is close to the speakers – distant voices are hard to detect
  • Avoid recording voices that grow louder and quieter – this reduces consistent accuracy
  • Minimize background noise and omit cross-talk
  • Reduce lengthy pauses and use of slang
  • Select the language(s) that is appropriate for your speaker(s) – for better results, select Global English for multiple accents
  • Limit strong accents and multiple accents eg. an Australian and American talking will be less accurate than two Australians or two Americans
  • Ensure your audio is a high bitrate for improved accuracy - 256 kbit/s is a commonly used high-quality bitrate

Languages and accents

If your interviews include a mix of accents, we highly recommend selecting Global English so NVivo Transcription can detect the nuances. See below the recording scenario and the corresponding expected accuracy
“NVivo Transcription is a ‘must-have’ for any qualitative academic.  As a Caribbean researcher, I was very impressed that the tool was able to transcribe my interviews with a high level of accuracy despite our different dialects and accents. The time savings are immeasurable and it’s user-friendly. It will also save me a lot of money.”

Dr Jennifer Jones-Morales, National Officer - International Labour Organization, Trinidad and Tobago


Important information:

  • Create a myNVivo account using your credit card to trial Transcription. Your card is only charged when you purchase minutes.

  • If your file is too large for our 15 minute free trial, we recommend using QuickTime Player (Mac only) or free and open source Audacity to trim your file to 15 minutes.

  • Consider using your minutes sooner rather than later as your minutes will expire 90 days from date of purchase. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions.
  • Always refer to our FAQs or Terms & Conditions for help and information.
  • If you experience technical difficulties using Transcription, please contact support@qsrinternational.com
  • You will receive an alert before your audio files are automatically removed after 90 days. However, your transcripts remain stored in NVivo Transcription.

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