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Bengt M. Edhlund. MScEE, BBA


English, Swedish

Location training services can be provided:

Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Canada, & USA. Further international locations available as Bengt loves to teach and to travel.

Products covered:

  • NVivo 7, 8, 9,10 and 11 for Windows
  • NVivo for Mac
  • NVivo for Teams

Bengt primarily bases his work at two Swedish universities, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University. After many years with a successful international career in the telecommunications industry Bengt founded his own training company in 1993, Form & Kunskap AB.

The company’s objective is to become Scandinavia’s leading research software trainer. Bengt is the author of several books, including NVivo 11 Essentials. A former telecommunications engineer, Bengt has published more than 20 books on academic informatics tools such as NVivo, EndNote, PubMed, and Excel. All of Bengt’s books are available in English and Swedish. He has trained researchers from every corner of the globe, including Canada, USA, Sweden, Norway, China, Egypt, Uganda, and Vietnam.

Bengt takes pride in his students’ success, Bengt provides all of his clients with customized NVivo support solutions via Skype or email. Consultations for teams are offered on request. Bengt is known for a pragmatic approach to software training and the importance of integrated solutions when several software utilities are communicating.

His key publications include:
  • Edhlund & McDougall (2017) NVivo 11 Essentials, 2nd Edition, ISBN: 978-1-365-85501-6
  • Edhlund & McDougall (2017) Allt om NVivo 11, 2:a upplagan, ISBN 978-1-365-85688-4
  • Edhlund & McDougall (2013) NVivo 10 Essentials, ISBN: 978-1-300-04132-0
  • Edhlund & McDougall (2013) Allt om NVivo 10, ISBN 978-1-300-18516-1
  • Edhlund & McDougall (2017) NVivo for Mac Essentials, ISBN: 978-1-365-18746-9
  • Edhlund & McDougall (2017) Allt om NVivo för Mac, ISBN 978-1-365-18736-0
  • Edhlund (2015) EndNote Essentials, ISBN: 978-1-312-89726-7
  • Edhlund (2015) Allt om EndNote, ISBN 978-1-312-89725-0
  • Edhlund & McDougall (2014) PubMed Essentials, ISBN: 978-1-312-28945-1
  • Edhlund & McDougall (2014) Allt om PubMed, ISBN 978-1-312-28948-2
  • Ellis & Edhlund (2006) Excel Essentials, ISBN 978-1-4475-8638-8
  • Ellis & Edhlund (2006) Räkna med Excel, ISBN 978-1-4116-8966-4
All of these books are available in English and Swedish from Bengt’s publishing partner, lulu.com.