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NVivo Transcription

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Set yourself up for good quality audio

Good quality audio results in more accurate transcriptions. Testing your equipment before the actual recording session can help determine the quality of the sound and the best spot for placing the microphone or device.



With good quality audio, you can achieve up to 90% accuracy with NVivo Transcription.

Your automated transcription assistant – fast, easy, precise.

Use these tips to ensure you capture quality audio in your recordings:

  • Minimal background noise
  • Clear speakers(s)
  • Limit strong accents, avoid slang
  • Place microphone close to the person talking
  • Avoid two people talking simultaneously

Apply to be the first to try NVivo Transcription

Apply to be part of our customer feedback program and you could be the first to try NVivo Transcription. Successful applicants will receive 10 hours of free transcription services and provide feedback to help shape this exciting, new service.