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How can I optimize my computer's performance?

If your computer’s performance is unsatisfactory, this can often be improved by taking some or all of the steps outlined below:

1.   Perform regular maintenance

Over time and for a variety of reasons, your computer can become overloaded with old files and ghosts of removed programs, and the hard disk can become fragmented. A fragmented hard disk can seriously impact the performance of your computer as it must work harder to retrieve and save information.

All versions of Windows operating systems released after Windows 2000 come with inbuilt computer maintenance utilities. We recommend that these utilities are run on a regular basis. For further information, refer to the following article which overviews the various utilities for optimizing computer performance: http://www.microsoft.com/athome/setup/optimize.aspx (Also, check out “Related Links” on the right hand side of the web page.)

2.   Keep your operating system up to date

We recommend that you maintain your operating system by keeping it up to date via the Microsoft website. Not only will this assist with keeping your computer secure, but it will also help your QSR software to operate at its best. That’s because we develop our software to operate at maximum efficiency on the latest systems. Our components and subsystems such as Microsoft SQL Server and .NET Framework are provided by Microsoft and these systems rely on an up to date environment to work at their best. 

Further information about configuring your computer for automatic updates can be found at: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/downloads/windowsupdate

3.   Back up your files

It is essential to perform a regular backup of any data files that you have created. This will be invaluable if your data becomes corrupt, you suffer a hard drive failure or you experience a different critical issue. 

You should always save a copy of the data created using QSR software to a location other than your computer hard drive. Commercial organizations will generally back up their network locations on a daily basis. Organizations such as banks create backups of every single transaction in real time.

It is your decision, but remember if you experience a critical issue, any work you have done since the time of your last backup will be lost, so the longer the time between backups, the more work is put at risk.

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