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by QSR

Supports robust qualitative and mixed methods research for virtually any data source and any research method.

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by QSR

Intuitive data analysis software designed for public policy experts analyzing surveys.

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Creating software to help you discover the rich insights from humanised data.

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How do I download a Software file from your website?

We offer a range of Software files on our website which are available for you to download. These files can be accessed from the Downloads page.

Below are step by step instructions for downloading these files:

  1. Complete the required form and/or options if appropriate and SUBMIT your request.
  2. Some Software files may be sent to you via email from QSR. They will be sent to the address you nominated. Others may be available for download from the website immediately.
  3. Whether you receive an email with a link to the file; or you simply see the link to the file on the website – you will need to click on the link as directed.
  4. After clicking on the link you may be prompted by a dialogue box to either OPEN the file, or SAVE the file.
  5. We recommend you SAVE the file to your computer's local drive (example, 'C' drive).
  6. Once the download has completed, browse to the location where you saved the file, and double click it to begin setup.

Note: If you are using a Windows operating system, you require administrator rights on your computer to be able to successfully install the NVivo 10 for Windows, NVivo 9 or NVivo 8 Software.

If you are using a Mac operating system, please click here for details about the action you need to take because the Software file was not downloaded from the Mac App Store.

Hint: Avoid pausing too long between bringing up screens, and selecting an option, as the download may 'time out' and cause you to experience issues with the file.

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