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My data is in SPSS, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access. How can I work with this data in NVivo 9?

It is common for SPSS, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and other database or spreadsheet applications to be used to collect or format survey data.

If you need to analyze a survey that has open ended responses you can use NVivo 9 to explore this sort of data. NVivo 9 can easily work alongside statistical packages– so you get a complete view of what the data is telling you.

You can import Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (.xls and .xlsx), Access database tables, ODBC database tables and text delimited files directly into NVivo 9.

In NVivo 9 you can:

  • Select how you view and work with your spreadsheets and databases. Use the ‘table view’ to see your data in its original format or work with one survey response at a time for example, with the ‘form’ view.
  • Speed up your analysis – particularly when you’re working with large datasets – by automatically coding your data.
  • Automatically gather each respondent‘s answers into a single node representing that individual (by row) or gather all respondents’ answers to each question in a node representing that question (by column).
  • Automatically group responses based on demographic data.

NVivo 9’s online help provides detailed instructions on how to prepare your databases for import. You are able to import and work with data in structured formats like spreadsheets and database tables alongside all of your other materials, including text, audio, video and images.


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