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What happens if I uninstall QuickTime Media Player and I’m using NVivo 10 for Windows (32-bit), NVivo 9 (32-bit) or a previous version?

QuickTime for Windows is no longer supported by Apple. This affects all versions of NVivo installed on a Windows operating system because QuickTime is used to import and play certain media files. You can read about the implications here. Our development team has removed the dependency on QuickTime for Windows from within our latest version, NVivo 11 for Windows. If you’re using NVivo 10 for Windows, NVivo 9 or a previous version of NVivo on the Windows operating system, we recommend upgrading to the latest version. Find out how to upgrade your software.

Alternatively, should you choose to continue to use QuickTime for Windows, your NVivo experience will not be interrupted.

What happens when the QuickTime Media Player is not available?

You may experience difficulties working with the following files:

  • .mp4, .qt, and .mov

TIP:  If you’re unable to work with a particular media file and cannot find the codec you require; you can try converting it into another file format for import into NVivo. Find out which files are supported here.

  • Opening a Source of the following file types .mp4, .qt, .mov from within NVivo for Windows may cause NVivo to crash.
  • Opening a Node, switching to the Video tab and then selecting to open a Source of the following file types .mp4, .qt, .mov from within NVivo for Windows may cause NVivo to crash.
  • Importing Evernote data with media files attached in the following format .mp4, .qt, .mov, and .amr will not import.
  • Exporting a Node or a Source as a HTML with the following file types .mp4, .qt, .mov may report an error.
  • When converting a MAXQDA or Atlas.ti project, QuickTime media files will fail to import.
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