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NVivo Installation Repair wizard was unable to repair my installation. How should I proceed?

NVivo Installation Repair wizard can fail due to various reasons. If any of the below situations apply to you, it is recommended you correct them accordingly and run the NVivo Installation Repair wizard again.

Below are some of the common reasons for failure:

• You must be logged on with an account that has full administrative privileges on the computer.

• You may also be prompted with a security prompt before continuing:  

Windows XP

You may be prompted with a Run As dialog box when starting the wizard. Please ensure you un-tick Protect my computer and data from unauthorized activity check box. If the box is left un-ticked, the wizard will be unable to continue the repair process.

Windows VISTA, 7 and 8

You may be prompted with a security prompt, please ensure you click on Continue or Yes to proceed further.

If you are using Windows 8, the security prompt may be displayed on your Desktop. You will need to click on Start screen to go to the Desktop and accept the security prompt.

• It is recommended that you are connected to the Internet when running the wizard. The repair wizard may also fail if Microsoft SQL Server download fails during the repair process.

• If you are using Windows 8, the wizard can also fail if your computer name is the same as your login name on. To check if this applies here, follow the steps below:

  • From the Start screen, start typing msinfo32 and click on msinfo32 in the displayed search results.
  • When the System Information window is displayed, check the value under System Name and User name fields.


If your system name is the same as your user name, the username will usually be displayed as system name/SYSTEM NAME/system name. For example, if the system name is “John”, the user name will usually be displayed as “John/JOHN/John”.

If your system name is the same as your login name, please follow the steps in the below link and then run the NVivo Installation Repair wizard again.

The computer name and your username cannot be the same .   

To start the wizard again, please open NVivo and try to open the sample project ‘Environmental Change Down east’. Sample project is located in NVivo 10 Samples folder in your Documents library. You can also try to open an existing project file (nvp file) to launch the wizard again.

If the issue still persists, or if the wizard has failed again, please provide crucial information located here  and attach it to our Support request form . We will investigate the issue and contact you.

The above instructions are only required where you are opening standalone NVivo projects. If NVivo is only used with NVivo Server projects in your organization, you don't need to use this wizard.


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