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What is NVivo 9.1?

NVivo 9.1 is a free update for NVivo 9 that was released in June 2011. Please note, however, that this update has now been superseded by NVivo 9.2 which was released in September 2011.

NVivo 9.1 significantly improves PDF handling and is free for all NVivo 9 users. It includes a range of enhancements in response to your suggestions, like the ability to customize your own reports in NVivo.

Click here to download the NVivo 9.1 update.

Work with PDFs in NVivo like never before

With NVivo 9.1, you can easily import your PDFs – and when you view them inside the software, they look like they do in Adobe Reader. You can also work directly with text, images and tables within PDFs.

Customize your NVivo reports

Also, NVivo 9.1 gives you more flexibility to customize your own reports and extracts. Create reports using the Report wizard, or create an extract of your data, and then modify it – add or remove data fields or change the order of your data for example. With reports, you can also add your own color schemes and styles or even add your company or client’s logo.

Responding to more of your suggestions

NVivo 9.1 also includes a wide range of enhancements to improve the overall usability and performance of the software. Click here to see the full list of enhancements in NVivo 9.1

More about the NVivo 9.1 update

This update is available free to all NVivo 9 users, including those currently using trial software. To download and install it, click on the ‘related link’ below. The NVivo 9.1 file is 91 MB in size and on a 1 Mbps broadband connection it may take approximately 15 minutes to download.

NVivo 9.1 simply updates your existing software – there is no need to uninstall or reinstall NVivo 9 unless you choose to install a new 64-bit version of NVivo 9.


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