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When purchasing a transcript from within NVivo for Windows, I get an error saying that my source(s) could not be converted to a format supported by TranscribeMe. What can I do?

The following video formats are supported by NVivo for Windows but are not supported by TranscribeMe:

  • QuickTime format (qt)
  • AVCHD High Definition Video formats (mts, m2ts)
  • Windows Media Audio/Video (.wmv)

If you order a transcript for a media source that is in a format that TranscribeMe does not support, NVivo attempts to extract the audio from the source before uploading to TranscribeMe. If the audio cannot be successfully extracted, you will receive an error message telling you which source could not be converted to a formatted supported by the TranscribeMe transcription service and your order will not be submitted. You can try any of the following before attempting to place the order again:

  • Close other applications that are running on your computer to free up memory for the audio extraction process.
  • Install an additional codec - refer to Media file formats supported by NVivo 11 for Windows (What are codecs) for more information.
  • Convert the media file to one of the supported formats, then reimport the new media file into NVivo by doing the following:
  1. Export your media from NVivo.
  2. Convert it to a format supported by both NVivo and TranscribeMe.
  3. Either import the converted file as a new media source, or you can relink the new file to the original media source - refer to Store audio and video files (Update the file location for a single media file).

Note: You cannot purchase transcripts for YouTube videos via the integrated transcription service.

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