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Why can't I capture a Facebook User wall as a dataset, or see biographical information (such as Gender) in Facebook datasets anymore?

Facebook recently updated their privacy policy, restricting the information available to apps like NCapture.

You may as a result notice the below changes when capturing content from Facebook using NCapture:

  • NCapture can no longer capture as much personal information as it used to.
  • You can no longer capture a User wall as a dataset. You can still capture a User's wall as a PDF.
  • You can continue to capture Group walls and Public walls as datasets. However, biographical information of the people who post on the walls (such as Gender and Location) is no longer captured.
  • Even if your Facebook account has permission to view a user's personal information, NCapture cannot capture this data.


Please note the number of posts that you can capture is determined by Facebook. The exact number may vary depending on the number of posts available and privacy settings of the posting user. For more information, refer to Capture from Facebook in the NCapture Help.

Datasets captured previously containing biographic information, are still supported in NVivo. For NVivo 10 for Mac users, Facebook content can only be imported as a PDF, so there is no change.


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