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Will NVivo for Windows operate on a Mac?

UPDATE: A new version of NVivo developed specifically for Mac is now available. Learn more about NVivo for Mac.

NVivo for Windows will operate on an Intel-based Macintosh (Mac) computer using one of the following Software products:

  1. Apple Boot Camp (Boot Camp is included in the latest Mac OS X version)
  2. Parallels Desktop for Mac
  3. VMware Fusion

These Software products allow users to install Windows on a Mac and switch between both Mac and Windows operating systems. Once Windows has been installed, you will then be able to install NVivo for Windows.

When utilizing Boot Camp, NVivo for Windows system requirements should be met. When using Parallels Desktop for Mac or similar products that emulate the operating system, you may require system specifications set higher than those detailed by QSR. This is because these emulation programs require resources for the Mac operating system plus additionally assigned resources for Windows. Please refer to your emulation Software vendor for further information on operational specifications.

Alternatively, Mac OS X users can also use NVivo for Windows via Citrix XenApp or Citrix XenDesktop.

Note: While NVivo for Windows can operate on a Mac under the conditions outlined above, technical issues relating to the Mac operating systems are not formally supported by QSR.

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