NVivo 9

Upgrading to NVivo 10 for Windows

If you're currently using an earlier version of QSR software, you can easily transition your project to NVivo 10 for Windows and gain instant access to all the latest features while you continue working.

With NVivo 10 for Windows you can open and work with projects that were developed using NVivo 9, NVivo 8, NVivo 7, NVivo 2, NVivo 1, N6 (NUD*IST 6), N5 and N4.

If you're using NVivo 9, NVivo 9 Student, NVivo 8, NVivo 8 Student or NVivo for Mac, you can simply pay an upgrade fee to own NVivo 10 for Windows. Upgrade pricing represents a significant saving on the full price of the software.

To upgrade, simply get pricing or buy online, pay an existing quote or invoice online, or phone your nearest QSR office to pay over the phone.

If you’re using NVivo as part of an enterprise license

If you use previous versions of NVivo as part of an enterprise license agreement with QSR, then your organization will have received licenses for NVivo 10 for Windows and NVivo for Mac at no additional cost. You will be eligible provided that your organization holds an active enterprise license agreement with QSR International.

Speak with your nominated enterprise license contact about obtaining your copy of NVivo 10 for Windows. If you don't know who your organization's enterprise license contact is, contact us

Looking to upgrade to NVivo for Mac?

You can upgrade from NVivo 8 or NVivo 9 to NVivo for Mac at a discount price. Or upgrade to NVivo 10 for Windows and you’ll be able to download and use NVivo for Mac at no extra charge for the term of your license. See pricing or buy.


There are a range of licensing options – choose from a single license, multiple licenses, a student license, a semester license or an enterprise license.



NVivo 10 is a current software release. It supersedes:



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