A powerful central  placement management tool

Sonia's comprehensive and flexible feature set is designed to help at key stages of your student placement program – ensuring seamless transition of student data, records management and efficiency through automation and workflow mapping – all in a single platform.

Placement Management

Go paperless with virtual forms, easily adapt the software to different programs, scale needs, and gain efficiencies with streamlined management of your placement program. 
  • Mitigate administration tasks with automated systems
  • Track specific program requirements with reports
  • Out-of-the-box, best practice templates allow for quick implementation
  • Get best-in-class implementation support 
  • Adaptable options allow you to adjust the system to your unique needs as the program grows


Sonia enables you to communicate with all your stakeholders the way they prefer. Whether it's students interacting through our Sonia app, site managers commenting on potential placements or emailing an entire cohort through an automated workflow - Sonia is designed to work your way, from an easy-to-use portal.
  • Track all communication in one location, using email, mobile app notifications, or automated messages
  • Enable enhanced communication with stakeholders for better relationships with the professional community at partner sites, and more satisfied and prepared students


Sonia is flexible enough to adapt to your unique program's needs, so staff can focus on personalized placements. Automation of workflows, forms, and reports streamline processes and ensure all critical tasks are completed – giving students the best experience and saving you time. 
  • Centralize data into one platform and avoid having disparate systems that don't speak to each other
  • Sonia will integrate into your existing systems for seamless data management and easy setup
  • Automated messages to contacts allow you to meet deadlines and placement requirements effortlessly
  • Ensure legislative requirements are met and give your institution the data it needs, in a timely manner


Sonia's integrated reporting tools give you visibility across all aspects of your program's performance. Monitor and report on student activity, legislative requirements and your institution's management needs from one central dashboard.
  • Easily report on payments and finances, student outcomes, attendance and performance, accreditation and licensing requirements, including timesheets
  • Design your own ad hoc reports for the unique needs of your program


Discover a more efficient placement program

Placement Staff
Maximize student experience and improve satisfaction while staying in compliance with all regulatory requirements.
Increase enrollments and graduate more work ready students with a more efficient placement program.
Rest easy with secure data management and compliant integration across IT platforms throughout the university.
Ensure placements are suitable while providing a duty of care and compliance to students and staff. 
Provide a rewarding placement experience to students and maximize their career outcomes.
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