Sonia for
Teacher Education

A comprehensive, secure tool to facilitate the best possible matches for placing, and measuring progress of student teachers in ideal partner schools.

Focus on what matters

Education students rely on placements to gain the hands-on classroom experience and mentorship they require to realize their dreams. Elevate your education placement program with Sonia to provide a smooth, simplified, and personalized experience, reflecting well on your institution and creating effective teachers to change students’ lives for years to come.

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Hit the ground running with Sonia’s template forms, reports, and communication workflows, or create your own custom reports that facilitate strong communication among placement officers, principals, mentors, and student teachers.


Keep all stakeholders on the same page with automated email workflows and email templates, and keep forms, prerequisite information, individual school requirements, and progress notes easily accessible through an online portal or mobile app.


Robust communication channels facilitate ongoing feedback to monitor student progress and address any issues that arise. 

Enabling placements for education students

Sonia's education placement software is designed to support and benefit every stakeholder during the student placement process. 

Placement Staff

Gather diverse requirements from numerous different schools, student criteria, and geographic details into one centralized data hub. 
  • Easily sift through opportunities to find the right match for each of your students
  • Identify and track placements from a few weeks in duration to a whole semester or year
  • Communicate instantly with sites, students, and supervisors
  • Report on diversity and geography of placements to demonstrate your commitment to the wider community

Academic Leadership

Positively impact your entire university by positioning your graduates for long-term career success and satisfaction.
  • Empower your placement team to grow and scale your program successfully
  • Build a reputation for successful alumni and satisfied students to attract more applicants and rise in national and global rankings
  • Maintain visibility into student and site performance with robust reporting
  • Strengthen relationships with sites by sending the best-suited students and minimizing friction in communication
  • Ensure students gain the essential experience they need


Future teachers require the right kind of experience and support from their university in order to meet their individual career goals. A great placement enhances their employability, earning potential, and satisfaction with their education.

  • Busy students can access the Sonia mobile app to see needed forms and documents on the go and in the field
  • Students can communicate with their institution seamlessly, submitting forms and information in one location
  • Tracking requirements and milestones helps ensure the student graduates with everything they need to find a job

IT Teams

Trust a secure and compliant student placement solution.
  • Sonia is IMS certified and complies with LTI
  • Sonia adheres to the requirements set out in FERPA, HIPAA, the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and GDPR 
  • Hosted on your university server or on the cloud
  • Regular back-ups help prevent data loss
  • Product experts can provide tools and assistance 
  • Take advantage of guided resources and comprehensive onboarding to get up and running quickly


What people are saying

Sonia has been a success for AUT School of Education. The response from our students has been very positive; they are more in control of their placements and like the ease of access for retrieving information. The support the [Sonia] staff has given us has been great, they listen, communicate clearly and are quick at responding. Overall Sonia has sped up our placement process and enabled us to work smarter.
Indiana University has purchased Sonia and we are working on the implementation of this program. We love it so far. It allows all entities to work from one technology platform and will assist us in pulling reports for educational assessment.
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