Sonia for
Health Sciences

A comprehensive, secure tool to facilitate and support one of the most important parts of an aspiring nurse’s education.

A more efficient placement program

Position your nursing and allied health students to make a real difference in the world of medicine. Help them effectively and efficiently gain the placement hours they need, in the right clinical settings, under the right guidance. Successful placements lead to satisfied graduates and better providers.

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Hit the ground running with Sonia’s templates, or create your own custom reports to ensure compliance, facilitate seamless auditing, and meet all university and regulatory requirements.


Keep all stakeholders on the same page with automated email workflows and email templates, and keep forms, prerequisite information, individual school requirements, and progress notes easily accessible through an online portal or mobile app.

CONVenient mobile app

Busy students don’t always have internet access while juggling classes and placements, so empower them with an app they can use anywhere.

Enabling successful clinical placements

Sonia benefits placement officers, students, mentors, and instructors by managing prerequisites, requirements, and paperwork in one convenient portal. 

Placement Staff

Matching the right student to the right clinical placement is usually a laborious process. Sonia simplifies it by consolidating all of the relevant data and facilitating smooth communication.
  • Easily manage site details, contacts, and other details in one location
  • Use templates to get started quickly, or design your own forms and reports based on the needs of your program
  • Communicate instantly with sites, students, and supervisors
  • Manage evaluation forms and accreditation requirements
  • Gain valuable, ongoing feedback

Academic Leadership

Enhance the reputation of your institution by positioning your graduates for long-term career success and satisfaction.
  • Build a reputation for successful alumni and satisfied students to attract more applicants and rise in national and global rankings
  • Empower your placement team to grow and scale your program successfully
  • Maintain visibility into student and site performance with robust reporting
  • Strengthen relationships with healthcare facilities by sending the best-suited students and minimizing friction in communication
  • Ensure students gain the essential experience they need with a comprehensive educational experience 


Nursing students must gain the diversity of experience they need to demonstrate their competency in all required areas. Successful placements enhance their employability, earning potential, and satisfaction with their education.

  • Tracking of accrediting body standards helps ensure they can be licensed upon graduation
  • Busy students can access the Sonia Mobile App on the go and in the field
  • Students can communicate with their institution seamlessly, submitting forms and information in one location

IT Teams

Trust a secure and compliant student placement solution.
  • Sonia is IMS certified and complies with LTI
  • Hosted on your university server or on the cloud
  • Sonia adheres to the requirements set out in FERPA, HIPAA, the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and GDPR 
  • Regular back-ups help prevent data loss
  • Product experts can provide templates and best practices for data import
  • Take advantage of guided resources and comprehensive onboarding to get up and running quickly


What people are saying

Sonia gives me all my information at my fingertips. It is so powerful I haven't even begun to maximise its potential. The students find it easy to preference online and allocations are completed quickly. Sonia staff are always happy to assist me wherever they can to ensure Sonia makes my job easier.
Thank you all for ALWAYS listening, always being accommodating and always being a joy to deal with. The product you have grown, together, is just getting better and better with every version and we, as Placements Staff are VERY grateful!!!
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