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Managing more sites more effectively to help place your student in diverse and engaging placements. 

Connecting sites & students for the best placements

Manage more sites more effectively to help place your students in diverse and engaging placements.  Schools, healthcare facilities, and social services organizations need mutually beneficial relationships with educational institutions and their students.
  • Track requirements for students to be placed at each institution
  • Keep in touch with the student and the site contacts throughout the process
  • Collect feedback and progress throughout placements of any length

A more efficient placement program

Easily access and communicate each site’s preferences and requirements to ensure the best possible match. 

Templates and custom reports

Share information with partner institutions using Sonia’s templates or custom reports.

Seamless communication

Keep all stakeholders on the same page with automated email workflows and email templates, and keep forms, prerequisite information, individual school requirements, and progress notes easily accessible through an online portal.

Continuous feedback

Robust communication channels facilitate ongoing feedback to monitor student progress and address any issues that arise.


What people are saying

I deal with 18 companies as part of my job and the [Sonia team] are by far the best. Your support, responsiveness and skills are fantastic.
I have been a Sonia user for 4 1/2 years and while not fully exploiting all of its capabilities, I have been very glad of the functions it offers. The one I like the most is how students can nominate their site preferences online and then Sonia can perform an allocation which places the student at a site based on various factors. For me, this is a huge time saver and it is also a lot easier for the students to submit their preferences electronically.
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