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Sonia supports making the best placement matches with a mobile app that busy students can access on the go. 

Helping students secure and manage placements

Sonia supports students as they gain valuable field experience with optimal site-student matching.  Students get the best chance for a match that best prepares them for a future in their chosen field.
  • The right kind of experience can help students meet long term career goals
  • A great placement enhances future employability and earning potential
  • Tracking prerequisites and milestones helps ensure on-time graduation

The most intuitive student placement software

Sonia supports making the best placement matches with a mobile app that busy students can access on the go.

Seamless communication

Students can communicate with their institution seamlessly, submitting forms and information using the app or online portal.

Tracking and visibility

Students and supervisors can stay on top of program requirements, milestones, and check-ins to keep everything moving toward the ultimate goal.

Sonia mobile app

Students can access information, submit time sheets and assess their progress at any time, on a mobile device, while on the placement site, in class, or anywhere.


What people are saying

Sonia has been a success for AUT School of Education. The response from our students has been very positive; they are more in control of their placements and like the ease of access for retrieving information. The support the [Sonia] staff has given us has been great, they listen, communicate clearly and are quick at responding. Overall Sonia has sped up our placement process and enabled us to work smarter.
I have been a Sonia user for 4 1/2 years and while not fully exploiting all of its capabilities, I have been very glad of the functions it offers. The one I like the most is how students can nominate their site preferences online and then Sonia can perform an allocation which places the student at a site based on various factors. For me, this is a huge time saver and it is also a lot easier for the students to submit their preferences electronically.
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