Streamline your student placement programs 

About Sonia

Centralized workflows for integrated learning

Use our comprehensive and flexible software to easily and efficiently manage placement programs in any discipline. Benefit from personalized placements, reliable data management and compliance, and the flexibility to scale across your organization, all in one platform.


Make your student placement program work for everyone

Sonia streamlines the process of placing, tracking and monitoring students as they embark on workplace programs. Offering a standard framework to get you started, Sonia allows you to consolidate your placement systems, grow student satisfaction, manage your experiential programs, as well as integrate with your current learning management system.
  • Intelligent workflows allow you to centralize disparate systems
  • Comprehensive placement management makes your life easier
  • Robust, multi-faceted reporting provides full transparency
  • Integrated communications enable real-time interaction and collaboration

Who it's for


Sonia for Social Work
Enable easy competency tracking and provide personalized placements for Social Work students.
Sonia for Education
Collect and organize continuous feedback on Teacher Education students out on placement.
Sonia for Health Sciences
Straightforward tracking of skills mastered, practice participation, and clinical hours completed for Health Sciences students.


What people are saying

I was involved with piloting Sonia in the Boston University School of Social Work. Our school investigated many different companies, both in the US and Australia, and found Sonia not only had the most useful and versatile system, but also their staff was the most willing to work with us to customize Sonia to fit the needs of our specific department.
Sonia has been a success for AUT School of Education. The response from our students has been very positive; they are more in control of their placements and like the ease of access for retrieving information … Overall, Sonia has sped up our placement process and enabled us to work smarter.
Indiana University has purchased Sonia and we are working on the implementation of this program. We love it so far. It allows all entities to work from one technology platform and will assist us in pulling reports for educational assessment.


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