Benefits of Centralized Placement Programs

September 24, 2020

Why Centralized Placement Management Is the Future 

Higher education institutions are prioritizing student experience, teaching innovation, diversity and workplace readiness. Key programs of work to address these priorities typically involve experiential learning, and more specifically, supporting professional experience via co-op.

Placement programs are often run independently by different schools at a single university. This presents a number of challenges such as lack of central visibility, duplication of effort and unnecessary organizational spending. With universities facing unprecedented pressure on resources and seeking ways to become more effective and efficient, centralizing student placement programs offers significant benefit.  

Run More Efficient Experiential Learning Programs  

Streamlining numerous processes will save your institution time and money, at a time where efficiency has never been more critical.  

It’s time to stop spending hours managing student placements in Excel, or trying to create homegrown solutions that are hard to maintain and improve.
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Deploying a centralized student placement solution creates economies for placement managers across the university. Not only can they save time with the right technology, but they can leverage each other’s work, and share best practices. Central, yet flexible digital workflows, forms, and reports will have placement staff in every department running more efficiently. Your team is also getting the tools they need to be more successful, supporting higher employee engagement and retention.  

A central solution is more efficient for your IT teams to manage and support. There is only one product to license, and your team should be able to choose between managing your chosen solution on premise, or for even more ease and efficiency, having it hosted by your provider.  

Stronger Reporting and Risk Management 

A centralized system offers a single view of all placement programs. In case of emergency, you have a way to locate all placed students immediately and easily contact them. An ‘always on’ mobile app can help your team contact all placed students, which is particularly important in a crisis.  

It’s simpler to create reports with centralized data storage, structures and systems. And you can manage privacy and compliance in one place, removing risk from the organization.

Boost Your Reputation With Consistent, High Quality Stakeholder Experiences 

A university or college’s reputation is critical to its ongoing success. Centralizing placement programs offers a unique opportunity to rethink and align on consistent stakeholder experiences throughout the entire organization, supporting a strong community and industry reputation for your brand.  

A consistent process and experience, regardless of which school students and host sites are engaged with, means that all stakeholders have clear expectations and understanding, and programs across all disciplines run more smoothly.  

With a student placement management tool that is customizable for all disciplines at the core of your university’s experiential learning program, your stakeholders will experience the most innovative and intuitive experience possible, ensuring you have the reputation you need to be successful. 
If you’re considering a placement solution for multiple schools or for your entire institution, ensure it is flexible and customizable enough to support the terminology and processes that each school requires. Sonia student placement software is the #1 solution for centralized student placement management. 

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