Effective Communication: The Unsung Hero of Field Placement Programs

July 28, 2021

Create a Better Field Placement Experience

Improving field placement communications with the right plan, framework, and approach can help save time, increase productivity, and create a better placement experience for all involved. 

For placement program managers, creating an effective communications plan comes with challenges. Without the right plan, methodology and technology, critical pieces of communication can fall through the cracks, contributing to less-than-ideal results.
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In an emergency or crisis, more so than ever, a cohesive communications strategy is key to ensuring the safety and success of your students and ensuring all your stakeholders receive the information they need, when they need it.  

We’ve developed a whitepaper that presents proven best practices any placement team can follow to create and execute a winning placement communications plan. It highlights how technology can help you: 
  • Automate message workflows 
  • Improve on-time task completion  
  • Centralize disparate systems 

The whitepaper shares a three-step framework that can be used to improve placement program communications: 
  1. Plan for success: Define and map all communication workflows 
  2. Develop clear, effective messages 
  3. Make information easily available  

By revitalizing your placement communications program, you end up with informed, prepared students, highly satisfied partner stakeholders and a more successful placement program.  
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