Success Story: Streamlining Student Placements at East Carolina University

Written by Mary Worthington, Data Manager; Office of Assessment, Data Management and Digital Learning; College of Education
November 17, 2021

Our team at ECU started with Sonia after considering a range of software solutions. We chose Sonia as there was no other option flexible enough for what we needed to do.  

Sonia has really helped our team to save time and streamline our education placement processes. 

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Prior to Sonia, we had been using various spreadsheets and scanned documents, which was very time consuming and hard to manage. Now, we have all our information in one place, and as our needs change, we can easily add or amend what we need to in the system - it’s made everything so much easier! For example, an annual project to update public school information used to take six months, now it’s done in 30 minutes.  

We implemented Sonia just in time to take advantage of it to help us navigate through the pandemic, too. Sonia saved us and helped us to ensure no break in service and enabled ongoing and regular bulk communication with schools and students. The reporting and tracking functionality also helped us with a smooth transition back to campus.  

We’ve worked very closely with the Sonia team, both during the implementation and ongoing. Everyone’s been great to work with! We’re now at a point where we’re expanding usage of Sonia, which we’re very excited about. 


About the Author

Mary Worthington is the Social/Clinical Research Specialist for the College of Education at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC.  During her 14-year tenure with the college, Mary has been responsible for the collection, analysis, and reporting of student data for state and national accreditation, program improvement, and external surveys such as US News and World Report.  Prior to her work with assessment and accreditation, Mary worked for several years in the college’s Clinical Experiences Office, securing and tracking internship and field experience placements.