Tips to Streamline Your Accreditation Management

October 22, 2020
It’s that time. Accreditation season. You’re preparing. Where are those assessments stored? How do you find that data? The pressure is on to ensure your program remains competitive and your students are successful.  

Whether you’re in a school of nursing, social work, medicine or psychology, accreditation audits can be tough to manage. However, with the right tools and processes set up, you can streamline and spend more time enjoying the success of your program.

Digitize, and Store Accreditation Data in One Place 

Imagine not having to scramble around to find attendance data, papers, site reviews and evaluations. Then consider how fast and stress-free it would be to report with a few clicks of the mouse. Stop searching for papers, and wave goodbye to manual data input.  

With accreditation data like mentor evaluations directly input and stored alongside practical placement information in Sonia, all placement administrators can very quicky prepare and provide what’s needed for accreditation audits.  
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Take Advantage of the Data You Already Have 

When you’re using Sonia to manage your placement programs, you already have student demographic data, and site data stored and easily retrievable. When it’s time for your accreditation review, you can simply generate a report, or export data to Excel to run specific calculations.  


Save Time and Reduce Risk of Human Error 

We’ve all been there. Searching frantically for old paperwork, and spending time inputting paper-based data into a spreadsheet. By using Sonia, you can take advantage of digital forms. Use Sonia forms to collect data, and have it automatically added to student and site records. You’ll never again have to worry about where that pile of paperwork is, finding the time to manually input data or get another set of eyes across your work to check accuracy.  

Sonia will help you ensure your program maintains its accreditation and continues to stand out in a hyper competitive educational landscape.  

Sonia is the leading software solution for student placement management. It’s easy to use, it powers personalized placements, reliable data management and compliance, and provides the flexibility you need to scale across your organization.

Take your placement program to the next level with Sonia.