Watch Now: The Future of Work-Integrated Learning

September 06, 2022
As the world of work moves ever faster, it’s never been more important for academia to connect with business and the workplaces into which students will emerge.

One approach finding significant favour is Work-integrated learning (WIL), an umbrella term for a range of experiential education opportunities which involve an external stakeholder – typically a potential employer, but possibly even a client, government or community organisation.

In this webinar, we are joined by the three authors of “Advances in Research, Theory and Practice in Work-integrated Learning and Experiential Education: Enhancing Employability for a Sustainable Future” to discuss the opportunities and challenges of running WIL programmes. They present credible evidence of the gaps in WIL resourcing in academic institutions, and offer a roadmap for the successful delivery of WIL and its desired employability outcomes.

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In the webinar, you will find out…

  • What successful WIL programmes look like and the breadth of activities which can be applicable.
  • Imperatives before a programme even begins, for example the importance of embedding WIL into student learning rather than treating it as a “side project” and developing authentic, specialist and effective WIL curricula.
  • The challenge of stakeholder engagement, which must become a constant thread in academic life if WIL is to succeed (and strategies for making this happen).
  • The importance of evaluating WIL programmes and the key principles of assessment.
  • The ideal team structure for delivering WIL – and how a small, centralised management team can drive new value.
  • The importance of software for workflow management and student tracking, particularly as academic institutions will still be responsible for students’ wellbeing when they are off-campus on WIL assignments.

Governments around the world are investing in graduate employability, so now is the time for academic institutions to remove the barriers to WIL and justify its newfound priority status.

>>Watch the on-demand webinar now
The Presenters
Dr Sonia Ferns, Adjunct with Curtin University, Managing Partner in LearnWork Consulting. 
Dr Anna D. Rowe (SFHEA), Senior Lecturer in Academic Development at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Associate Editor of the International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning (IJWIL).
Dr Karsten E. Zegwaard, Associate Professor and Director of Work-Integrated Learning Research at the University of Waikato, New Zealand. Editor-in-Chief for the International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning (IJWIL).