We give people the power to make better decisions by uncovering more insights to advance their area of exploration. Our qualitative data analysis software, NVivo, helps more than 1.5 million people collect, organize and analyze data from virtually any source.

A History of Expertise

QSR software is based on more than 30 years of product development and support built upon listening to, and collaborating with our users. As the industry's first qualitative data analysis software provider, QSR International offers unsurpassed expertise and innovation through our continuous advancements driven by user feedback and changing needs borne from a continuously evolving data landscape.

From conducting academic research to understanding community opinion or evaluating social development programs, organizing information and finding insights in an increasingly data rich world can seem daunting. We understand these challenges, which is why NVivo supports every kind of qualitative research imaginable.

A Trusted Solution

When selecting qualitative data analysis software, you need confidence that the product is robust, accurate and most of all, trusted. Whether it is for health, government, academia, or business, our history, pioneering innovation, user collaboration and responsiveness have earned us the trust and confidence of users around the world to transform their information into valuable evidence. NVivo provides the tools to harness tomorrow’s data, so you can focus on arriving at meaningful results and evidence-based interpretations.

Developed from the Academic arena in 1981, NVivo is today relied on by people in private and public organizations, across more than 150 countries to get the most out of their data. Our strong history in product development is based on our passion for actively listening to users and by understanding the changing data landscape.

Continuous Innovation

Listening to user needs has also enabled us to remain at the forefront of innovation. We are continuously first to market with new features, such as the unique ability to capture and analyze information from the web and social media. We regularly update our software to reflect the evolving needs of our users, ensuring it is always on the cutting-edge.

Valuable Engagement

In addition to users, we are constantly engaging with other companies and industry leaders to help shape the NVivo experience – creating a vibrant user community that showcases how NVivo rigorously supports outcomes. Added to this, QSR engages with other like-minded technology companies to provide users with complete, integrated solutions for easier data management and analysis.

Responsive to your Needs

We tailor your support experience via our global support networks to ensure help is always at hand. We are proud to offer flexible training options, accessible support material in multiple languages and a dedicated support team ready to respond to user questions and feedback.

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NVivo can help you find smarter insights faster.