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by QSR

Supports robust qualitative and mixed methods research for virtually any data source and any research method.

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by QSR

Intuitive data analysis software designed for public policy experts analyzing surveys.

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Creating software to help you discover the rich insights from humanised data.

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NVivo is the number one software for qualitative research in academia. Use NVivo to organize and analyze qualitative data so you can present the most robust, defensible findings.

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Who uses NVivo?

Lecturers, professors, students, researchers, research assistants and other faculty staff all over the world use NVivo to harness and find insights in qualitative data.

NVivo in Education

Whether you’re working on a dissertation, publication, funded research or teaching the next generation of experts, you’ll create positive change with NVivo – powerful software that helps you deliver rigorous research, robust findings, and comprehensive recommendations. 

NVivo helps you to organize, manage and analyze qualitative data like text, images, literature, video, surveys, social media and more. It's often used in disciplines such as behavioural sciences, healthcare and medical research, psychology and political science, and business to discover insight in the ever increasing volume of available data.

How NVivo Can Help You

  • Never forget another 'aha' moment. Keep a research journal and record your thoughts and notes easily as you work using annotations and memos.
  • Organize data your way. Use flexible options like case coding, theme coding and InVivo coding to make sure your data is organized in a way that suits your research needs.
  • Review your work as you go. See how you've organized, or coded, your information using colourful coding stripes that display alongside your data.
  • Capture and analyze social media data. Use the NCapture add-on to collect content from social media like Twitter and Facebook, and automatically bring that content into NVivo for analysis.
  • Make sense of survey data fast. Automatically code datasets, like survey responses. Gather each respondent‘s answers together, or gather all answers to each question quickly and easily. Use intuitive queries to question the data.
  • Visualize and share findings. NVivo's visualization tools help you, your supervisor, your students, your reviewer or conference delegates to understand your research, fast. Export and share visualizations so you can communicate the story of your research with the widest group.
  • Interrogate your data with queries. Explore your data, test theories and make discoveries using queries. Re-run them through new data and track the evolution of results. Use queries to search for text, analyze word frequency, cross tabulate data and more.
  • Manage bibliographic data. Working with EndNote, Zotero, RefWorks or Mendeley? Easily import articles and bibliographic data into NVivo. Take advantage of NVivo's powerful analysis tools to explore the information further.
  • Conduct mixed methods research: Exchange data with quantitative analysis tools such as Excel, Access and IBM SPSS Statistics, enabling mixed methods research.
  • Make your research mobile: Collect data on just about any mobile device using Evernote. When you're back at your desk, connect NVivo directly to Evernote and import your content for analysis.


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"NVivo plays a key role in getting more qualitative research published as it facilitates a rigorous analysis. It's not that manual analysis isn't rigorous, but it is more difficult to demonstrate rigor analyzing data manually."

Dr. Anthony Onwuegbuzie
Sam Houston State University


“NVivo helped me graduate months faster than I could have hoped for using traditional methods.”

David Starbuck, Ph.D.
eBridge Business Solutions


“NVivo is more than a tool for the organization and management of data. It is a space in which the software together with the researchers' analysis methods encourage different ways of thinking about and conceptualizing data.” 

Dr Raewyn Bassett
Dalhousie University 


Enterprise Licenses are the most cost effective option for organizations that require multiple NVivo licenses. Contact us for a quote.

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